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Toddlers can have fun with cooking activities. For toddlers, it's the doing that counts, or the process of the cooking activity. Toddlers learn through doing, so cooking and kitchen activities are great ideas for toddler learning experiences. Keep in mind, that although the process is the most important part of many toddler activities like painting, coloring and crafts, with toddler cooking activities the end result is just as important. Toddlers know that cooking produces something good to eat, so think how unhappy they will be if their easy toddler recipe turns out too salty or too runny and they can't eat their food. Very young toddlers will enjoy 'helping' with kitchen activities by playing with plastic bowls and utensils. They can nibble on snacks from their high chair while you talk to them and enthusiastically demonstrate the toddler cooking activity. Older toddlers can get right in there and help you with different kitchen activities and easy toddler recipes.

A Few Cooking and Kitchen Activities That Toddlers Can Help With:

Spread peanut butter on bread
Cut banana slices with plastic knife
Wash and scrub fruits and vegetables
Wipe off the counter top
Rip lettuce
Shake plastic bags of different ingredients
Pour ingredients from premeasured cups
Stir or mix ingredients
Roll cookie dough
Cut cookies from dough
Whisk ingredients
Frost cupcakes
Crush crackers and cookies to make crumbs
Dip foods that require dipping
Place cookies and other food on baking sheets or trays
Shape meatballs
Peel bananas

What should be the goal of cooking with toddlers? To bring you and your toddler together to have fun and learn. But you can involve your toddler in the cooking experience in the grocery store too. Talk to them while they're riding along in the shopping cart about the food on your shopping list and what you will be preparing with it at home. You can help toddlers learn about how to store and preserve food. Let them help put some of the groceries away. If something seems too hard for your toddler, don't force it, just let him do what he's comfortable with and not easily frustrated by.
toddler cooking activities
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